5 Reasons Why Real Estate Should Be Part Of Your Investment Portfolio

Real Estate - a must-have in your investment portfolio 2016110901-post-2-infographic

It is widely known that most of the wealthiest individuals in the world have amassed their wealth via real estate and it’s hard to challenge the efficacy of real estate investing in building wealth.


Real estate traditionally has been one of the strongest performing asset classes and has a low correlation to other asset classes. Investing in Real Estate is a great way to reduce overall portfolio risk and volatility.

Passive Cash Flow

Rental income is a consistent source of passive income and rental rates usually keep pace or outpace inflation.


Real estate investments benefit from financial leverage, which is common and generally readily available. The tenant essentially makes the financing payments on half of the investor, reducing the principal on financing, and allowing the investor to build up equity over time.

Capital Appreciation

By combining leverage with the capital appreciation potential of real estate, a multiplier effect comes into play, making real estate investing even more compelling.


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